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24 July 2008 @ 03:20 am
Hello and welcome to partyrooms   . A community for sharing photography and photos of clubs and parties, for people who love parties and great pictures when dancing to music and getting rosy to alcohol. ;) To view the posts, please join the community. Before you click on to join, here are the rules of the community.

To post:
1. You can post picture of parties in clubs from any country!

What kind of party?
It could be club events, after parties of a fashion show, an art show, a birthday/random party, as long as the party involves great fashion, cute djs, alcohol and anything club related!

2. Please state the name of the party and club when you write an entry.
3. Credit all photos if they're not originally yours.
4. No low resolution pictures allowed (i.e. camera phones)
5. If the pictures you post are originally taken by you, yourself, priority goes to you when getting your post approved.
6. Lastly, no nasty comments unless they're constructive. I'm sure no one likes stirring up a commotion.
7. Enjoy the posts on partyrooms and looking forward to your awesome contributions!

Much love,